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A Kindle tablet that provides access to Chinese language e-books

  • Author:Ya
  • Source:China Daily
  • Release on:2016-03-20
    Amazon officially unveiled a new monthly subscription service on Tuesday that offers all-you-can-read digital books for 12 yuan ($1.84) per month. The service called Kindle Unlimited gives Chinese subscribers access to more than 44,000 e-books.
    Kindle Unlimited to pay monthly subscription form to borrow books from the past to buy a single e-book reading perpetual ownership in very different ways. When subscribers to borrow books, just to find books with Kindle Unlimited logo, click on the "free loan", the book will be automatically sent to the user terminal bound readers Member borrow unlimited period.

    Kindle Unlimited provides more than 40,000 Chinese books and 3500 imports of English original version. This service is designed to give Chinese users with a more flexible way of reading to promote the development of China's emerging e-book market.