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A long history of cooperation between China and Russia is willing to exchange media

  • Author:Ya
  • Source:China Daily
  • Release on:2016-03-27
    China News, Beijing, March 25 - China Daily News chairman Zhu Ling March 25 to attend the Second China-Russia Media Forum at Beijing's Diaoyutai State Guesthouse, and entitled "May the Sino-Russian media exchanges and cooperation has a long history," the speech.

   In the 21st century, the stable development of Sino-Russian relations, on multiple platforms Shanghai Cooperation Organization, BRIC countries and other organizations have a good interaction. President Xi and President Putin advocated the "Sino-Russian Media Exchange Year" for media exchange between the two countries to build a very good platform for me to find the answer to the international spread of the problem, provides a very realistic way.

   Last year, China and Russia commemorate the 70th anniversary of victory in World War. As we all know, China Daily has a good tradition in photography, I reported last year offered to China and Russia to join hands photographer, co-published photo album. Our proposal quickly received a positive response from the Russian side. China Daily and substantive interaction between the Russian newspaper, is connected to the two countries together through the hands of the photographer and the camera lens.
    In recent years, China Daily and frequent exchanges between the Russian media. Our overall pattern of international spread of Russia, cooperate with each other and other special investigations were made last year, we sent a team to study Russian newspaper, RT TV station, Russia Today news agency, etc. were investigated. Meanwhile, the Russian media reported that representatives access to our exchange, in addition to Russian newspaper, TASS president earlier this month also led the team visited. Currently, I reported and Russia Today news agency TASS being around cooperation talks, the content of cooperation, co-sponsored activities, and other aspects of the organization of joint interviews basically reached a consensus.

    Of course, we need to focus on the current, but also long-term perspective. Sino-Russian cooperation in the media is to benefit both good. We must lay the foundation years in media exchange long-term exchanges and cooperation, so that the two sides cooperation of the media, it will be like the Yellow River, the same as in the Volga River, has a long history. This means that the Russian and English communication will become more common. Here are two Hot Products: Sino-Russian English translator ST990 and REC9820. Both products which are rich vocabulary and everyday oral communication, can be used for language learning, business communication and tourism.