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A magical Reading pen from XYX

  • Author:Nancy
  • Source:original
  • Release on:2019-09-03
For preschool education, we all know that early childhood English is a gradual process that accumulates over time. When we give our baby English education for children, do we have to wait until the baby carries out all the letters before giving it reinforcement? surely not! The best way is to say a letter to the student, then a few, and finally all the letters are gradually strengthened. As you become aware of this and successfully guide your infants to reach their goals, you are using a technology that shapes the development of new behaviors in preschool education.

The so-called shaping is to help young children reach their goals through small step feedback. Speaking so simple, in fact, it is not completely able to cope with the problems encountered by young children in learning English. On the one hand, it is because of the child's personality, or quiet, or lively, or extroverted, or inside show, etc., which is the reason of the learner himself. On the other hand, it is the problem of the educator. The child is entrusted to the kindergarten teacher or the parents are the educators. The situation here is divided into many kinds, which is difficult to say in one word. However, we can know from this that the teaching in accordance with the aptitude of the ancient traditional education, teaching and classless is not without aim.
So how can we better teach preschool education "teaching students according to their aptitude" and scientifically and rationally preschool education for young children? Well-known excellent psychology psychologists have pointed out that starting from pre-school education, the key to promoting students' learning lies not in the teachers' teaching skills, professional knowledge, curriculum plans, etc., but in specific psychological atmosphere factors. For meaningful learning factors, he believes that as long as there are four elements: 1.)learning has the nature of personal participation; 2.). Learning is spontaneous. 3.)Comprehensive development, 4.)Learning is self-evaluation by students. Therefore, the core of the learning principle he advocates is to let students learn freely. He believes that as long as the teacher trusts the students, trusts the students' learning potential, and is willing to let the students study freely, it will form a promotion and adapt to their own style. The best way to learn English for toddlers.

  Let students learn freely. This is very simple. In fact, it is very complicated. Here, we will learn to learn English for young children. For young children, if they let them go, it is impossible, but completely. Forcedness that is not centered on him will only be counterproductive. So how can they be right, happy, and learn from them? I think you need to use the English reading pen for children, so what brand of reading pen is good?

XYX reading pens have new functions such as point-and-read, real-life pronunciation, intellectual development, enlightenment education, repetition and reading, massive memory, recording contrast, storytelling, mp3, and so on. At the same time, the design of the XYX dot reading pen is also very considerate. The shell is made of safe and non-toxic ABS material, which is designed as a sleek cartoon image to ensure that children's delicate skin will not be scratched. The sound is mechanical waves, not electromagnetic waves, no radiation, the sound decibel is within 60 decibels, strictly controlled within the reasonable hearing tolerance of children, the true meaning of "teaching constructive".

 What brand of pen reading pen is good? XYX point reading pen is the first choice!