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A year of big success and promise for film industry

  • Author:Linki
  • Source:https://www.chinadaily.com.cn
  • Release on:2019-12-25
A year of big success and promise for film industry

The Chinese movies released in 2019 have highlighted some potential growth areas and created new opportunities for the film industry. In fact, after years of rapid growth, a new development model is developing in the Chinese movie industry.

First, ticket sales in Chinese cinemas have been increasing. China's box office is expected to reach 65 billion yuan ($9.27 billion) this year. And despite the "cold winter" in the Chinese film industry, box office collections exceeded the total revenue for last year (60.7 billion yuan) on Dec 13. Which means the number of Chinese moviegoers is growing steadily, and films have become a regular source of entertainment for people in third-, fourth-and fifth-tier cities, even remote areas.

Also, the middle-income group's rising demand for entertainment will boost the Chinese film industry, and youths' intense interest in films will help maintain the robust market. In fact, the tastes of these two groups will largely shape the future of China's movie industry.

Although the film market is not growing as fast as it did a few years ago, it is expected to maintain a stable growth rate. And a stable box office revenue will help the film industry to explore new themes and subjects and present them in more creative ways to the audience.

Second, many made-in-China blockbusters were widely welcomed by the market. These technically sound and well-made films may stimulate more classics, leading to a new wave of high-quality films. Eight of the top 10 moneymakers this year have been domestic films, with Ne Zha, an animated fairytale with modern narrative, leading the pack with box office of 4.97 billion yuan ($710 million). The movie tells the story of a mythological figure Ne Zha with unique powers who is recruited to fight demons and save a community that fears him.

The Wandering Earth, a pioneering and successful sci-fi movie made in China, was released during the Spring Festival and earned 4.65 billion yuan ($650 million) at the box office. And My People, My Country, a patriotic film released to mark the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China, became a hit big thanks to word of mouth.

By looking at historic moments such as Hong Kong's reunification with the motherland in 1997, and the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games through the eyes of ordinary people, My People, My Country resonates with Chinese people's sense of patriotism. Indeed, the torrent of domestic blockbusters indicates a brighter future for the Chinese film industry and better quality films.

Third, the movies released in 2019 also suggest Chinese film would be more diverse in terms of themes in the future. The Wandering Earth shows Chinese directors, too, can make high-quality sci-fi films. Ne Zha has revived the Chinese animation industry. The Captain, based on the true story of Sichuan Airlines pilot Liu Chuanjian making an emergency landing after the windshield of his aircraft broke on takeoff, was a successful attempt at making a disaster movie full of human elements. And Bugle from Gutian is an apt example of an offbeat yet successful film.

A growing number of young talents are entering the film industry, which is good for the future of Chinese films. Still, the Chinese movie industry faces a variety of challenges. Given the transforming economic development model and the bubbles that have formed in some sectors, especially since some capital has left the film industry due to rising uncertainties over returns, some film companies are finding it difficult to continue operations. Plus, shoddy movies continue to plague the market.

Yet the Chinese film industry in 2019 showed new vitality and prepared the groundwork for even better movies to be made in the future, which in turn will further boost the industry's growth.