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Africa looks to China for tourism boost

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  • Release on:2019-05-30
Africa looks to China for tourism boost

While Europe received more than 12.4 million Chinese tourists in 2017, according to in-flight digital advertiser PXCom.media, Africa received only a fraction of the 130 million Chinese outbound tourists. The China Tourism Academy estimates that Africa had about 800,000 Chinese tourists in 2017.

African countries with the largest number of Chinese tourists in 2017 were Egypt, Kenya, Morocco, Tunisia, South Africa, Mauritius and Zimbabwe, according to Dragon Trail, a China-based digital marketing agency.

Najib Balala, Kenyan Cabinet secretary of tourism and wildlife, said: "For a long time we have been obsessed with traditional markets. Nevertheless, emerging markets, such as Asia and Eastern Europe, have numbers to reckon with. We need to upgrade our offerings to capture smart, well-traveled Chinese millennials. We need to up our game."

In recent years, the number of Chinese visitors buying Africa tour packages has jumped, according to the Luxury Chinese Traveler 2018 Report.

A report by China CYTS Tour Co said the number of Chinese travelers bound for Africa increased 40 percent per year in the past five years.

Ctrip, an online travel agency based in Shanghai, said it saw a steady increase in travelers to Africa in the past three years.

The China Outbound Tourism Research Institute expects about 180 million Chinese to travel abroad this year, compared with 149 million in 2018. It estimated that the figure will rise to 260 million by 2030.

Africa can benefit from these numbers by prioritizing the Chinese market, observers said.

In South Africa, the tourism industry is pursuing new strategies to further understand the needs of Chinese visitors. Industry analysts said Chinese tourism is vital to Africa's economic growth.

"It is important for tourism businesses in South