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Another AI chip was born in China! The cows blown by Ma Yun realized that Chinese science and techno

  • Author:Linki
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  • Release on:2019-09-27
Another AI chip was born in China! The cows blown by Ma Yun realized that Chinese science and technology are proud

Previously, Huawei released the Kirin 990 mobile chip, the world's first AI performance, so that many chip giants shudder, a sleeping lion has awakened! This time, Ma Yun's Dharma Institute brought us good news, the world's first AI performance cloud chip - including 800, this is Ali's first AI chip!

Once, Ali released a swearword, and now this moment comes so fast! Only one year officially unveiled, not only completed the film, but also officially launched on Alibaba Cloud! This is the first chip developed by Ali in the past 20 years, which is a self-developed, mass-produced chip. This is a milestone for Ali, and the cow that Ma Yu has blown has been realized! Before the mysterious iron, no sword, to the present, including the name of the Chinese style elements, this is the pride of Chinese chips! Zhang Jianfeng, Dean of the Dharma Institute, said: Alibaba is still a newcomer in the field of chips. There is still a long way to go before we can have awe!

What is the world's first AI with 800 light? Specifically, this is a cloud AI chip, mainly used for reasoning, has broken AI records in performance, performance and energy efficiency are the world's first! Its reasoning performance is 4 times higher than the current best AI chip, far more than NVIDIA. At present, Taobao database is built on Alibaba Cloud. On-site Zhang Jianfeng showed us the powerful performance of Light 800. Every day, 1 billion product images are added. While the traditional GPU takes an hour, using the light 800 only takes 5 minutes! Ali also said that the chip will not be sold externally, and will only provide external computing power on the basis of Alibaba Cloud.

Pingtou brother only founded a year, but Dharma has a deep foundation in AI algorithms and software, which is why Pingtou can release multiple chips in just one year! Ali also has enough funds to invest in research and development, so in the development of chips not only must have a firm determination, but also have real money investment, global genius recruitment. Pingtou Ge also invested in the next step, will gradually integrate the already released chips and SOC, because the ecology has been built, the ecological closed loop will be the next step!