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Beijing Metro to use facial recognition technology

  • Author:Nancy
  • Source:China Daily
  • Release on:2019-10-29

    Beijing Metro to use facial recognition technology

According to a top official of the Beijing Metro city traffic officer, various security check measures will use facial recognition technology to classify passengers to help guards.

Beijing Rail Traffic Control Center Director Xan Minghui gave a keynote speech on Beijing Metro's response measures on large passenger flows on a platform on urban rail transit operations and development held in Beijing on Tuesday.

Zhan said that the Beijing Metro faces large passenger flows in the rail transit network every day, but it has put enormous pressure on security checks of passengers and goods.

To improve efficiency, the director said that Beijing Metro needs to promote the use of multi-channel security check machines and facial recognition technology.

Zhan said that through setting the standard, the facial recognition system would first classify and classify passengers into groups and inform guards to use relative measures.

As of October, Beijing had 23 metro lines, with a total length of 678 kilometers and 394 stations. The rail network transfers an average of 12.3 million passengers every workday, with 10,560 trains running for 1.95 million kilometers on the network every day.

Still, the 370 km railroad is under construction and will be used within three years. By then, Beijing will have more than 1,000 kilometers of metro rail, which can carry 17 million passengers a day.