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CAYIN announces major firmware update for digital signage software SMP-NEO2

  • Author:Tony
  • Source:digitimes
  • Release on:2016-12-20
CAYIN today announced the release of the first firmware update for its new Digital Signage user interface, SMP-NEO2, which is available at no extra cost to all SMP-NEO2 players starting on December 26th.

SMP-NEO2 V2.1 brings Extended and Distinct modes to SMP-2100 with significantly widened prospect, and the new features efficiently utilize the performance of this fanless player. The Display setting UI is also redesigned and color-coded to accommodate the addition of SMP-8000QD and the new Distinct mode combinations.

SMP-2100 may be compact in size, but it is one of the top performance and most fine-tuned players in the Digital Signage Player family. With V2.1, SMP-2100 now has 4 display modes, Single, Clone, Expended, and Distinct, making it vastly versatile to all kinds of application. Users may connect up to two displays to showcase a cloning of the same content, presenting one content across or two contents simultaneously on two screens. This solid metal build player is a perfect fit for almost all scenarios. Whether it's a burger joint down the street corner or an LED panel at an outdoor stadium, SMP-2100 will redefine the quality of available compact Digital Signage player on the market.

To adjust to SMP-8000QD's evolved Distinct display mode, which allows users to implement separate contents on each screen according to the maximum display outputs a player has, the Display setting UI has been redesigned. The color coded interface acts as a wizard, guiding users through the settings to customize the screen array. SMP-8000QD, the 4 display digital signage player, offers up to 4 individual contents all at once. The wizard will help users navigate the endless combinations and find the most suitable solution for each application.

The CMS Digital Signage server and its managing software, SuperMonitor5, will also have corresponding updates to support the latest modification in SMP-NEO2. CMS V10.1 and SuperMonitor5 V5.1 have a few adjustments and bug fixes to provide a more efficient and elevated user experience, including the upgrade in stability and refresh rate when connecting and updating SMP players. The complimentary update is available now through Patches on the Overview page.

To learn more about the Versatile Digital Signage Player, SMP-2100, please go to CAYIN's website @

CAYIN Technology in Brief

CAYIN Technology is a 12-year professional digital signage solution and software developer from Taiwan. By offering a complete portfolio of appliance-based digital signage solutions, CAYIN dedicates itself to being a reliable partner to clients worldwide and has successfully set up various applications globally. In order to best facilitate the deployment of its products, the company also provides tailored services to satisfy the ever-growing market demand for almost limitless applications.

CAYIN announces major firmware update for digital signage software SMP-NEO2
CAYIN announces major firmware update for digital signage software SMP-NEO2