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China beat Guam 7-0 in the World Cup qualifiers

  • Author:Nancy
  • Source:China Daily
  • Release on:2019-10-12

  China beat Guam 7-0 in the World Cup qualifiers


   Guangzhou - Thursday, China defeated Guam 7-0 in the first home game of Qatar's 2022 World Cup Asian Qualifier.

   After two consecutive victories, China is now ranked first in Group A. According to the rules, each team has eight first-place teams, and the best four second-place teams are eligible to participate in the next round, 12 of which will compete for tickets to participate in the 2022 World Cup finals.

   After the game, Chinese coach Marcelo Lippi said: "Although our opponents are not strong, our players performed very well. We have some good combinations and scored 3 points. Our goal is to enter the finals. Twelve stages." Very focused, this is good. But in some cases, they can improve their feelings. ”

  China will compete with the Philippines in the away game on October 15. In the first game, the Syrians who defeated the Philippines 5-2 became the main opponents of the Chinese Group A match. If the Syrians beat the Maldives later on Thursday, they can also get 6 points.