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China manufacture Hot sale AI multi-faction intelligent protable voice translator from XYX

  • Author:Angie
  • Release on:2018-11-10

Simultaneous voice translation burst in 2018, there are a large number of different types of voice translation machines on the market, with the price range from $60 to $280, and the product quality are varies. Although this kind of product is still in the stage of continuous upgrading and exploration, the initial product launch has caused a huge response in the market.

You must Nuance 
with top techonology of voice recognition and translation

Nuance is the largest company specializing in the development and sales of speech recognition software in the world, as a well-known voice and image solutions provider, and the backer of apple's Siri voice-recognition technology. Nuance voice technology services include voice online search, language navigation, etc.

Shenzhen XYX Industry Co,.Ltd. actively carries out cooperation and negotiation, constantly optimizes language program, and develops 3 hot models of voice translator, which with more than 97% accuracy, 2MS processing time, and with competitive price to meet market well.

including 52 languagus nowand continue update