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Digital Signage Expert Enplug Offers Lifeline To Businesses Struggling To Choose A Signage Display

  • Author:Tony
  • Source:einnews.com
  • Release on:2017-01-09
CULVER CITY, CA, UNITED STATE, January 6, 2017 /EINPresswire.com/ -- The range of digital signage displays available today can be overwhelming. But thanks to a new guide from Enplug, making that decision is about to get a lot easier. They’ve boiled down the entire market to their “5 Best Value Digital Signage Displays” giving business owners some much-needed respite from decision fatigue.

For people just starting out in the digital signage market, choosing the right display can be an ordeal. It’s not uncommon for entrepreneurs and managers to feel overwhelmed by the scale of choice on offer from various brands, not to mention all of the different ways in which digital signage is used. Enplug wants to put its expertise as a digital signage OS developer to good use by offering some advice for business customers who might be struggling to figure out what to buy.

Now, they’ve rounded up the best deal available today, serving as “a jumping off point” for businesses to carry out their own research

Best Value Digital Signage Displays

Enplug has made sure that all of the displays in its review serve some sort of niche purpose in the market. The article begins with the 42-inch ViewSonic VT4200-L, a low-cost HD display with most of the features businesses need to get started. The guide explains what companies can expect to get at the $600 price point, and goes into great detail about the particular features of the model. Like the other entries in the articles, there is a brief summary section that describes the pros and cons of the display.

After the budget-oriented Viewsonic come the slightly more expensive 48-inch Samsung RM48D and the 50 -inch NEC E505. The Samsung comes with Samsung’s own Smart Signage TV platform, making it easier for businesses to customize what gets shown on their displays. It also comes with a three-year warranty, making it an excellent choice for businesses who want peace of mind.

The E505 by NEC - a major display manufacturer - uses a LED backlight, dramatically reducing energy consumption. Enplug points out that this is a great screen for businesses since “you won’t get sticker shock from your electricity bills” and because its “cooling fans allow it to be on all day.”

The guide then moves on to much larger 55- and 65-inch screens from Samsung and LG which deliver high impact, but at a high price.

Enplug is keen to point out that there are pros and cons to any purchasing decision regarding digital signage displays. “Shopping on a budget” they note, “means you’ll need to compromise on certain features.” For instance, cheaper TVs usually aren’t very good in brighter environments, and they often come with thicker frames.

Enplug says that “the more money you’re willing to spend, the more likely you’ll find TVs suited for bright environments, encased in thinner frames and able to be powered on 24 hours a day.”

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Colin Bovet