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Digital signage trends report to 2017/phase

  • Author:Tony
  • Source:digitalsignagetoday
  • Release on:2016-12-16

The stage is set for a major operation in 2017 as a digital signage company providing smaller pixel pitch in the struggle, a bigger screen, higher resolution and faster refresh rates, and more. As this battle, retailers, financial institutions and customers will begin to see digital signage, not only is deployed as an isolated, but the full customer experience solutions. These are just small trends are on the horizon in 2017, we explored in 2017, the digital signage trends report.

Report compiles comments from their pointed out by the year 2017 as the greatest expert on future trends. The report also compiles data from restaurants, retail, education, financial institutions, advertising, digital signage operators and solution providers. Survey results show that digital signage usage is on the rise, 61% respondents listed as the key benefits of digital signage improves customer experience.

Several contributors believe that the report, the trend to improve customer experience even greater promotion of more engaging and customizable logo part of the solution. Nick · Neill Fearnley, SignStix's Chief Executive, believes that customers now want digital signage as a "digital engagement solution."

"What we are seeing is a surge of demand from digital signage solution for organizations to perform as a complete digital platform would exceed the capacity of SaaS," Fearnley said in his report on the future development trend of contributions. "This means that in the near future, we will see the evolution of digital signage technology to fill platforms-a-service, not SaaS."

More customization is the key factor driving digital signage in recent years has been, and will continue to heat up.

"Another big change has increased for a unique message to different audiences. Instead of a one size fits all digital signage, company is looking for an enterprise-level solution that can accommodate multiple users, multiple locations and custom content to adapt to different audiences, "Frank · Kenna III, President and CEO Marin company, wrote in his contribution.

Which in turn makes a lot of the complexity and diversity of digital signage solutions. Digital signage companies such companies must expect a greater variety of content, such as business.

"Addressing these needs will create more product differentiation, to the digital signage industry will have a separate product for the same types of customers, only by the size of the distinction between" Kenner said.

In order to meet the needs of these customers, digital signage companies will continue to develop better vision.

"This is not an arms race of the cold war – but it's close," Christopher · Hall, ICX Association, Managing Director, said in his contribution. "I think we are not far from the day when the local McDonald's-or, perhaps your local Apple store--foreground window with OLED, sign can make it into any kind of external storage of monolithic glass or its graphics. "

These are just a few in 2017, digital signage trends report discussed trends in the future. The report is available for purchase and download.