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Educational children's love toy method

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  • Release on:2019-09-04
Educational children's love toy method

The first step: telling the child that the toy is important

It is very important that you show your child to his toys, which means that you must take care of his toys. Many times we don't realize that what we do in front of our children will have an impact on him. I am educating him with action. Treating children's toys is like a treasure. If children think that toys are important to their parents, then the children will be careful to protect them.

Step 2: Provide special places to store toys

You need to make sure that all the toys in the toddler have a special place to store, which will help the child to take care of the toy. In the simple thinking of young children, he would think that anything placed in a special place should be taken care of. When it comes to educating children to take good care of toys, it is very important to keep the education simple and teach simpler. You will be more interested in trying what you teach.

The third step: timely stop the behavior of children throwing toys

When this happens, many parents will let the children continue to play. They think this is what happens naturally when the child plays, but the parents’ thoughts will make the child feel that he can take care of the toy, so when he encounters this situation, You should be very determined to say no to your child. If he doesn't listen to your verbal orders and continues to abuse the toy, then you should take the toy and tell the child that he must let him see that he can take care of the toy and you will return the toy to him.

Step 4: Tell the children to collect the toys

When the play time is over, tell the child to put all the toys together. This is part of his care for the toy. If you put the toys in good condition today, you can play the toys happily tomorrow.

Good idea for managing baby toys

1. Put the most used toys in the most conspicuous position

The classification of toy finishing should not be too careful, because for a long time, my mother forgot where to put it. Every baby has toys that don't leave every day, such as holding bears, soothing towels, and other small items that are easy to throw where the baby goes. When the mother is in normal storage, it should be placed in a conspicuous position, such as the top of the drawer or drawer next to the TV cabinet, which is convenient for adults to take or store.

2. Find the right "game place"

It is better to "spread" toys at multiple locations at home than in a centralized setting, such as in a car, at a grandparents' home. This can improve the efficiency of the use of toys. Different toys are suitable for playing in different places. For example, the remote control car is best to play outdoors, and the toys with components (such as construction blocks, puzzles, etc.) are suitable for playing on the table or rug, so that the small components are Will not be scattered and can not be found.

3, cleverly loop to keep fresh

Too many toys are over-stimulated for children and there is no way to achieve the desired play. Then it's a good idea to temporarily collect a part, and then take out the "loop" every few weeks. The advantage of doing this is that the child can focus on a smaller number of toys at some point. When parents frequently carry out a "toy cycle," the child can always maintain a sense of freshness.

4, clear the toys that can not be used

If you find that a toy is missing parts and can't work, you should not hesitate to go into "clearing". Toys that are no longer suitable for growing up with children should also be discarded. If done properly, the child not only received an education of cherished toys, but also learned how to choose "retain" or "discard" in life.

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