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Electronic dictionary compared to printed dictionary

  • Author:Shirley
  • Source:excerpt
  • Release on:2014-06-27

Electronic dictionary compared to printed dictionary


Many people today prefer to use electronic dictionaries rather than printed ones because electronic dictionaries are much lighter and smaller and easier to be taken everywhere. 


First printed dictionaries are much cheaper than the electronic ones.


Many students who use dictionaries most often can hardly afford an expensive electronic dictionary. Therefore the printed ones are exactly what they need. Second scholars prefer printed dictionaries to electronic ones. Holding a thick heavy dictionary is what a teacher used to do and I believe that they will like to keep this habit. Third only the printed dictionaries can be colleted into libraries or be put on our private bookshelves. We may use an electronic dictionary very often but we will never collect it since it‘s designed to be used not to be collected.


Of course electronic dictionaries will be more popular in the future because they are really convenient. But the printed ones are still needed and will not be replaced. The two kinds of dictionaries are just complementary to each other.