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Going abroad? Don’t be afraid

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  • Release on:2014-07-09

Going abroad? Don’t be afraid


Preparing for international travel is unlike planning a business trip within one's own country.

You want to get maximum value for the time that is spent abroad. This means you have to be open to different values, behaviors and ways of doing business. Lack of familiarity with the business practices and social customs of another country can weaken your position or prevent you from accomplishing your goals. Here is our translator ST990 to help you make the necessary adjustments for a business trip abroad.

Speaking language translator ST990 is designed for traveler and business man.

1. Interface specialist: Four languages interface for choice.

l  Chinese - English - Russian for free choice.

l  Users of speaking or learning different languages are free to choose their own use of language on interface.

2. Dictionary specialist: Large & comprehensive dictionary in real meaning.

Large memory (4G)

l  10 vast major dictionaries

l  Russian-Chinese, Chinese-Russian, Russian-English, English Russia, Russia and Russia, English-Chinese, Chinese-English, English-English, classification, self-built dictionaries and other professional dictionaries as one of the dictionary.

l  20 kinds of industries classified dictionary.

l  Meaning common terms explained in detail, built-in rich phrases and sample sentences.

3. Spoken languages specialist: Practical spoken language conversation.

l  Daily conversation, tourist conversation and multi-scene session’s conversation.

l  Chinese and Russian are the announcer class standard recording, clear and pure sound.

4. Grammar specialist: Russian grammar

l  Russian entry, singular and plural nouns, motion verbs, pronouns

l  underway, completed, relatively level, the highest level, the length of tail

l  grammar a clean sweep

5. Functions of super strong cross-searches and cross-pronounced.

l  Dictionary of modules between the achievement of the Dictionary of cross-search and jump search

l  Achieved in the search before the Chinese characters for the search words on the phonetic annotation and full-screen reading, or read Chinese characters

l  Great convenience to the Department of Russian and English-speaking countries of users of learning Chinese characters spelling and pronunciation

6. Knowledge specialist: The practical material has everything expected to find.

l  Localization of different surface materials

l  Russia's basic national conditions are well-known tourist attractions

l  Chinese and Russian universities and study advice

l  Manners traditional festivals in major cities and ZIP code

7. Commercial specialist: The convenient commercial function further satisfies the commercial users’ need.

l  Calculator, unit conversion, exchange rate conversion

l  time, calendar, stopwatch, alarm, timer

8. Entertainment specialist: Relaxed and entertaining songs, offer file-download with many formats.