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Got TVs? Get Digital Signage Via vuTyme by ADB

  • Author:Tony
  • Source:hospitalitynet
  • Release on:2016-12-01

Available at a low cost and with little on-premises equipment needed, the vuTyme Digital Signage option turns a static display monitor into a digital content campaign manager. Hoteliers create and post own content for added flexibility and cost control

Denver, Colo. — Whoever said Digital Signage implementation is costly and complicated never experienced the option now available through vuTyme by ADB. As part of this popular cloud-based In-Room Entertainment solution, hoteliers can turn any hotel TV into a content display without processing fees or involving a third party to manage it for them.

"Unlike a dedicated digital signage system that costs thousands of dollars, ADB is now offering the service as an option within vuTyme," said Chris Dinallo, ADB CTO of Business TV. "As a modular system, vuTyme enables hoteliers to create their own digital signage campaigns. This content is created using a cloud-based management system, shared through the TV's compact set-back box (discretely mounted behind the TV), and stored in vuTyme's library. This gives hoteliers the flexibility to switch any TV from guest use to digital signage as needed. For example, use a TV in the breakfast area to promote the day's meetings and events, then switch it back to guest-use mid-day and change it again to promote bar or restaurant specials in the evening. This is done using a simple web-portal. With vuTyme Digital Signage (DS), there is no need for expensive displays, and it makes the TV more valuable throughout the day."

vuTyme is a 4th generation end-to-end, managed-services iTV solution for hotels. It delivers a complete set of services like live TV, VOD, PPV, concierge, digital signage and targeted advertisements PLUS it offers exciting features such as Searchable Interactive Program Guide (IPG), Over-the-Top (OTT) services access like Screencasting from BYOD, direct-to-guest messaging through the TV, local attractions map with QR Code, Pause/Rewind/Fast-Forward LIVE TV, and much more.

The vuTyme DS option can be used to dedicate one or more set-back boxes to cycle through promotional or informational pictures. Uploaded on premises, staff can specify the date, time duration of display, and the amount of time between pictures. The vuTyme DS can also be enabled by property, by specific area in a hotel (such as lobby or bar), by specific rooms (meeting rooms or guestrooms), or even by specific boxes across a property. DS boxes will not be able to Tune to video or other vuTyme services until the DS mode has been changed for the specific boxes to full vuTyme services.

"vuTyme DS is limited only by one's imagination," Dinallo said. "Our customers commonly use it to showcase restaurant menus, hotel services, property maps, meeting and event locations, safety information, advertisements, and more. When the monitor is not being used for in-house promotions, some hotels have opted to display digital artwork that complements the environment."

Benefits of the vuTyme Digital Signage system include:

  • Low cost: It comes with vuTyme; no dedicated equipment is needed
  • Flexible: hoteliers can enable/disable on any given vuTyme TV
  • No dependencies: hoteliers can create their own content
  • Simple content generation: PowerPoint and Images suffice

"vuTyme DS is the basic content-creation and display service that the majority of hoteliers are requesting today," Dinallo said. "It's simple. . . It's flexible. . . and more importantly, it's affordable. What vuTyme DS is not, is interactive."

vuTyme is offered as a managed service to hotels using the global cloud infrastructure or cable company central office. ADB offers 24/7 monitoring to ensure reliability and delivery of service.