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Have you seen the 11-month-old 'The Hoverboard Baby?'

  • Author:Alice
  • Source:http://kutv.com/
  • Release on:2017-02-14

(KUTV) While most kids are trying to learn to walk, this 12-month old Utah baby is mastering his hoverboard skills. 

Here's a quick look at some of his best highlights:

It began when Caden Neumeyer of Salt Lake City was 11 months old and with the help of his parents got on a hoverboard. He was a natural. Caden's moved on to things like riding a rocking horse on the hoverboard ... ... to multi-tasking and picking his nose while riding.
In case you wondered, Caden, now 1-year-old, is already proficient in walking and moves around great on his own two feet.

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