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Hot selling electronic dictionary from XYX accept acustomized

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  • Release on:2019-07-22
Hot selling electronic dictionary from XYX accept acustomized

English learning involves the use of various dictionaries, but how can we effectively use the dictionaries included in the electronic dictionary to improve English scores?

1. Choose the dictionary that suits you.

Learning English, a good dictionary is a boost. The key to proper use of the dictionary is that this dictionary is suitable for you. In a specific language environment, we should decide which dictionary to use based on our own learning objectives. To judge whether this dictionary is suitable for you should consider two aspects: your English level and the difficulty of the dictionary.

2. Don't just look at the meaning of words, pay attention to small words

The polysemy of English is very common. In general, there are two kinds of polysemy in one word: the polysemy of the word and the polysemy of the new word. Familiarity is often encountered in our usual reading or exams. If you find that words are known, but you don't understand them, then "one word is polysemy" is one of the reasons.
3. Be good at using the dictionary to improve oral and writing

The dictionary not only helps reading comprehension (input), but can also be used to improve speaking and writing (output). The dictionary is called "textbook textbook", which can intuitively give accurate and accurate usage, word collocation and so on.

In order to improve the English learning ability in a targeted manner, it is very necessary to choose a targeted electronic dictionary to assist in learning. The electronic dictionary from XYX, designed for junior high school, includes seven comprehensive English subject dictionaries, covering English, Chinese, English, English and Chinese, English and English, and many other query needs, including the Oxford Synonym Dictionary and the Oxford English Collocation Dictionary. Enrich English vocabulary applications. In addition, it is specifically for the 2017 edition of the General Senior High School English Curriculum Standard, which includes the new syllabus 3000 basic vocabulary and the new college entrance examination vocabulary 3500 words, with the new pronunciation practice and instant jump check function, through the skilled follow-up and repeated practice of the words in the sentence, Achieve the purpose of accurately mastering the vocabulary of each college entrance examination. It also includes the "New College Entrance Examination Speaking Breakthrough", "New College Entrance Examination and Summary Writing", and calmly deals with new questions for college entrance examinations such as oral exams and summary writing. In the process of interpreting the new curriculum standard, Professor Shu Yunxiang mentioned the opening of an electronic dictionary to expand elective courses. Teachers and students jointly learn the functions and usage methods of electronic dictionaries, promote mutual assistance, and help English scores reach a new level.

The electronic dictionary from XYXwill accompany you to your English study and help you with the new college entrance examination.