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I tried 5G. It will change your life — if you can find it

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  • Release on:2019-09-05
I tried 5G. It will change your life — if you can find it

This is the promise of 5G technology in the next less than a decade; the Internet connection is so fast that they will support a new way of life.

But for now, my Huawei mobile phone Mate20X download starts: download a full two-hour movie in less than 10 seconds - in stark contrast to the seven minutes that usually require 4G. It does work when it's working, usually reaching more than 1 gigabit per second in speed testing - an incredible feat of technology that fits in a pocket. The average 4G LTE in the United States is about 35 megabits per second. 5G, the fifth generation of cellular network technology, nearly 30 times faster - about 10 times faster than the average broadband speed of American households.
But 5G is not just about the speed of smartphones. Other technologies will be able to handle more bandwidth, enabling sensors, thermostats, cars and robots to work together in real time.

Imagine: If 3G is a two-lane highway and 4G is a six-lane, 5G will turn it into 12 lanes. It can handle more traffic and bandwidth, zero latency, the term refers to the instant response time of data transmission - will allow autopilot cars to handle all the information they need to make life and death decisions in the blink of an eye. An eye, or healthcare industry, to help drive the next generation of telemedicine and robotic surgery. (A Chinese surgeon recently performed a liver transplant on an animal 30 miles away by controlling a robotic arm running on 5G. The same procedure on the 4G network would increase the chance of error).

Mobile operators are injecting billions of dollars into 5G. According to ABI Research, it is expected that by 2035, the new network and related technologies will increase global GDP by $17 trillion. However, there will be a significant lag between the launch of 5G and financial impact. It's no different from the 3G iPhone - it's an impressive stand-alone technology that didn't have a major economic impact until the App Store arrived a year later. A few years later, 4G was Uber, mobile video consumption on Netflix and FaceTime, paving the way for on-demand applications such as Google Maps real-time re-routing and social sharing on Instagram and Snapchat.
We have completed the 4G capabilities that mobile phones can do, but 5G can provide a portal to the next step. However, operators still have a long way to go before fulfilling their commitments.