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Japanese firm dreams big in China

  • Author:Linki
  • Source:https://www.chinadaily.com.cn
  • Release on:2019-12-24
Japanese firm dreams big in China

Japanese lifestyle megastore Niko and … is launching a foray into China, banking on digital channels from e-commerce to customer engagement to ensure the its largest flagship store in global market, which is located in Shanghai, would be a huge success.

Opening its doors to customers over the weekend, the three-story shop, which sells everything from clothes to furniture to appliances, is a "water-testing" endeavor for the fashion label to penetrate into other Chinese first-tier cities, said Kitamura Yoshiaki, board member and general manager of the sales division of Adastria Co Ltd, the owner of the brand.

"Shanghai has risen quickly up the global fashion ladder, making it a flag-bearer to host new entrants like us," Yoshiaki told China Daily ahead of the opening. "Lifestyle megastores are still a rarity in China. We decided to choose Shanghai-possibly the fiercest battleground-as the starting point (in the country)."

Located on the busy thoroughfare near the edge of pop-culture obsessed Huaihai Road, Niko and … sells up to 4,000 types of merchandise. It ranges from preppy-casual men's and women's separates, perennial offerings of tote bags, plants, as well as limited-batch soaps and holiday-inspired decor.

It also has a sun-drenched third-floor restaurant, set up as cosmopolitan bar and food chain, and serving everything from pizzas to salads.

Yoshiaki said what sets the brand apart from rivals is its commitment to constant change. A majority of products will be swapped with new offerings on a regular basis, with the pace of updates synchronized at the same rate as its sister shops in its home market of Japan.