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Language learning is endless

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  • Release on:2019-09-05
Language learning is endless

The history of linguistics is very old. The earliest human language research began with the interpretation of ancient literature and studied language for the study of philosophy, history and literature. China produced primary schools during the Han Dynasty, including words, rhymes and exeges. In India and Greece, grammar was established from the 4th to the 3rd century BC. Modern linguistics was established in the early 18th century. As Western linguists discovered similarities between Indo-European and Sanskrit, they produced historical comparative linguistics aimed at finding the original language of various languages.

The family environment has a significant impact on learning difficulties, such as the level of parental culture and the level of professional culture, but the family economic conditions have no significant impact. Family disharmony, conflicts, conflicts in emotional expression, lack of attention to the value of cultural knowledge and personal achievements, and poor types of parenting styles; such as inconsistent attitudes, extreme or polite love or severe punishment, can lead to children's psychology Developmental disorders, emotional and behavioral problems that lead to learning difficulties.

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