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September start season, learning partners are always with you

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  • Release on:2019-09-03
September start season, learning partners are always with you

The cool breeze blows away the thickness of August, the sky is clearer, the clouds become brighter, the station is particularly lively in the transparent autumn, the simple new reception desk consists of several tables, the students rush to the scene, September is the school A special month.

The green larch is vigorous and straight, the colorful chrysanthemums are fascinating, the campus is full of people, the seniors and the freshmen are eagerly talking. During the day, I am carrying a suitcase and people are full of arms, look up, you are full of faces. Apologetic, and then a brilliant smile, the first acquaintance on the long lining road, like the autumn wind blowing in the forest in September, comfortable and comfortable. What prevents me from being caught is that my study is linked to you, XYX learning and education electronic dictionary.

The new Asia Core Electronic Dictionary has a dictionary of learning, such as dictionaries, English and Chinese, and IELTS. There are also professional dictionaries such as electronics and medicine. Different consumers should choose the electronic dictionary that suits them best according to their actual situation. The KMBwang electronic dictionary has built-in learning dictionaries such as English, Chinese, English, English, English, IELTS and TOEFL. It is tailored for university, high school and junior high school students. Learn the dictionary.

At present, New Asia Core has successfully launched Arabic, Russian, Thai, Burmese, French, Japanese, Uighur and French electronic dictionaries. Products are exported to the Middle East, Russia, Thailand, Myanmar, Japan, France and other Arab countries. The company has also developed a variety of industry applications, such as a portable loan interest calculator tailored for the banking industry, and has received wide acclaim.

Every September, the school season, breezy, we are busy to see each other, just because we all want to pass this warmth to everyone.

New Asia Core Electronic Dictionary, you deserve it!