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Many events planned nationwide to mark Cultural and Natural Heritage Day

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  • Release on:2019-06-04
Many events planned nationwide to mark Cultural and Natural Heritage Day

Cultural events will be held on June 8 all over China to celebrate Cultural and Natural Heritage Day, according to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

In terms of cultural heritage, Yan'an, a city in northern Shaanxi province which was the hub for Communist revolutionary movement in China from the mid-1930s to 1940s, will become the homeground for this year's celebration.

Protection of revolutionary-themed cultural heritage sites is this year's theme.

A symposium of more than 100 delegates on the protection of such sites will be held in Yan'an.

And quiz shows, stage drama performances, fine art exhibitions, will be held, to promote public consciousness of cultural heritage protection.

The old site of the Lu Xun Fine Art Academy, a key art school in the cradle of the Chinese Communist revolution, will also begin to receive visitors on that day after five-year renovation.

And 15 provinces all over the country will hold events on the theme.

On intangible cultural heritage, Guangzhou, in Guangdong province, will be the main venue for the celebration.

A forum on ICH protection, public lectures, exhibitions, and other events will be staged all over the city.

According to the ministry, an estimated 3,200 events, including contests, expos and exhibitions on ICH promotion will be held nationwide that day.

China's Cultural and Natural Heritage Day falls on the second Saturday of June every year.