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Most popular Beijing gifts unveiled By Yang

  • Author:Nancy
  • Source:China daily
  • Release on:2019-12-29
Most popular Beijing gifts unveiled

A total of 12 products were voted the most popular gifts in Beijing on Dec 27.

They include artwork, face masks, traditional Chinese vodka and cakes and pastries that all feature distinctive Beijing elements.

The event was hosted by the Beijing Municipal Culture and Tourism Bureau and has received more than 1.58 million votes since the middle of October.

The bureau established the Beijing Gifts brand in 2011 and aims to express the culture, taste and image of Beijing to visitors from far and wide through tourist products.

More than 20 Beijing Gifts shops are up and running in the capital at the moment and offer traditional artworks, time-honored brand items and souvenirs.

This year's voting event has helped boost relevant business sales by 91.5 million yuan ($13.07 million), up 20 percent year-on-year.