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"My Country and My Country" is at the top of the box office

Me and my countryPatriotic enthusiasm promotes box office growth, top spot at the box office

 This movie Me and my country As the patriotic gift continues to attract a lot of people, replacing the disaster drama, Monday jumped to the highest point of the Chinese box office. team leaderIt has ruled habitat for 9 consecutive days.

  According to Mao Yan, the movie box office tracker, on the 15th day of the film, the box office revenue exceeded 22 million yuan ($3.11 million), and the total box office revenue exceeded 2.58 billion yuan.

  The seven anthologies describe the stories of civilians in one of China's most memorable periods, directed by seven directors, Chen Kaige and Zhang Yibai.

  The second place is team leaderAs of Monday, the box office has exceeded 2.45 billion yuan.

  The two films were shown during the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China (the National Day holiday peak).

  According to the cat's eye report, the two movies and hikerIt accounted for 96% of China's total box office receipts during the holiday season.

  "The movie is like My people, my country with team leader It is based on the stories of ordinary people that many viewers can associate with. In addition to the functions that inspire people to think, it also has good entertainment value. This has helped attract audiences and has become a trend for similar types of films on National Day holidays,” said Chen Shaofeng, a professor of culture and entertainment at Peking University.

  According to a report by Maoyan, the box office receipts of this year's National Day holiday reached 4.38 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 129%, a record high. On the first day of the National Day holiday, the box office revenue reached 795 million yuan, the highest day of the single-day box office since the National Day Film Festival.

  There are also more than 116 million cinema visits during the holiday season, the highest in the past few years.

  Chen said: "Today, more and more young people have a strong emotional attachment to our motherland, and they are becoming an important force in all movie audiences."

  According to the leading box office database, the number of teenagers who are eager to watch "My Country and My Country" is about 12.7%. In stark contrast to potential moviegoers under the age of 146 who are under 19 years of age. Sky hunterIn 2017. In 2016, Mekong River Action The total number of teenagers who want to watch movies is 1.3%.