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National Day celebration details unveiled

  • Author:Linki
  • Source:https://www.chinadaily.com.cn
  • Release on:2019-09-26
National Day celebration details unveiled

Around 100,000 people and 70 parade floats will pass Tian'anmen Square on China's 70th birthday on Tuesday to showcase the nation's socioeconomic accomplishments, Zhang Ge, executive manager of the event, said on Wednesday.

The parade, using the theme "Jointly Building the Chinese Dream", will feature 36 formations and is divided into three main parts: the nation's founding, reform and opening-up and great rejuvenation, he said. It will last around 65 minutes.

More than 400 people from Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and Chinese compatriots from overseas and foreign friends will also participate in the parade, Zhang said.

"Many of them had to fly in to take part in the rehearsal. This shows their great love for China and its people, and we are very moved," he said.

Tian'anmen Square has been decorated with two giant red ribbons and 70 red lanterns, signifying the passing down of China's honorable traditions to future generations. Around 70,000 doves and 70,000 colored balloons will be released during the parade, he added.

The march will focus on demonstrating the historic accomplishments and changes achieved since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China in 2012, as well as how the Party has united and inspired the people to make great progress and pursue a glorious future.

Xiao Xiangrong, chief director of the parade, said they hope to turn the event into "a flowing historical epic about China's rise from humble beginnings to being rich and powerful".

This year's performance aims to be more vivid and lively, with greater emphasis on improvisation and "letting people from various professions and walks of life tell their own unique stories", he said.

For example, some formations will focus on farmers, factory workers, students, delivery workers and others. "We want our performers to display genuine emotions and voice their true feelings for the motherland."

Zhang said the organizers of the parade have been moved by the genuine love for the country and Party shown by the performers. "They embody the true spirit of being free, vivid, jovial and lively, and this encourages us greatly."