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“Opening the bill” Prepare “new three” in advance

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  • Release on:2019-09-12
“Opening the bill” Prepare “new three” in advance

In recent years, the topic of “consumption upgrades” has been very popular, and the equipment used by student buddies has quietly upgraded. When preparing for “starting school consumption” in advance, in addition to paying attention to “the oldest three”, it is best to spend more time researching some “new three kinds” and use the most fashionable and practical equipment to contribute to the study of the new year.

One of the old three PK new three: learning machine PK smart device
The oldest: learning machine and electronic dictionary "the scenery is still"
Learning machines and electronic dictionaries are good tools for primary school students to learn to read words, and also a good helper for foreign language learning. These products have been popular in the city since the 1990s, and are still in the market in the book-shopping centers and major home chain stores. It is no exaggeration to say that the parents of the "post-10" elementary school students, "post-80s" or "post-90s", may have learned from such electronic products.

Entering the 5G era, although the learning machine and electronic dictionary form and basic functions have not changed much, the level of connotation is far more than 20 years ago. There are two characteristics: one is the increase in capacity, built-in a variety of learning content, from primary and secondary school textbooks to college students' English learning, they are accommodated, suitable for different stages of learning needs; second, the networking ability is enhanced, and some learning machines and The electronic dictionary can be used to access online learning resources, and various types of learning content can be downloaded.

The new three: intelligent teaching equipment "new release"
Take early education machines, early education robots, and smart speakers as examples. They can interact with children, teach children correct pronunciation, tell children stories, listen to music, and then answer “100,000 why” and other topics. Young children master pronunciation and common sense faster.

The old three PK new three: two laptop PK learning computer
The oldest three: laptop upgrade configuration
The new three: student computer tutor

The old three PK three new three: traditional equipment PKE new equipment
The oldest three: schoolbag stationery desk lamp selection is the most suitable
New three: children's watch bracelet auxiliary safety