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PlayStation VR' Sales At An All-Time High, But Why?

  • Author:Tony
  • Source:iTechPost
  • Release on:2016-11-02

It has been announced today that Sony's virtual reality headset has already been exceeding expectations, which is currently set to receive more stock of the PlayStation VR for the holiday season. "PlayStation VR is off to a great start, already having exceeded our expectations," senior Vice President for merchandising Bob Puzon stated in a press release. "Due to the over popularity of the system, we have received some additional units for the upcoming holiday."

Demos available across the country

Puzon explained that those people who are eager to try this very impressive interactive experience can try it out with one of GameStop's in-store demos, available at 115 locations in the United States. Best Buy also offers demos in multiple stores, and people will have to worry, as neither GameStop nor Best Buy charges its customers for VR demos.

Bundles for the VR available

Sony's official PlayStation VR package is composed of the headset, a newly-designed PlayStation camera, two Move controllers, and PlayStation VR Worlds. On the other hand, GameStop is also offering its own bundles, with its complete starter bundle including the older model of PlayStation Camera and no game for only $493. If you intend to get a game in addition to all things that are included, a $500 bundle is also offered that adds a lot of hot games for you to choose from.

Which bundle should you buy

In GameSpot's own review, Jimmy Thang, a game critic, claimed that he got motion sick in many of the PlayStation VR's launch titles. If you really want a PS VR, he would recommend the $500 bundle that would include everything you need. He also believes that if you already have a PS4 and is just curious about VR, you should wait until more games are released.

The PlayStation VR is a must-buy

Thang continued: "While there are a handful of fun titles, there's nothing that I've played at launch so far to indicate to me that the PS VR is a must-buy right now. For everyone else, I'd recommend saving up for a better reality." You can get a wider view of the headset's features, pros and cons, and every information that you need to know in GameSpot's review roundup.