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Popular rural idol from China

  • Author:Linki
  • Source:https://www.chinadaily.com.cn
  • Release on:2020-01-17
Popular rural idol from China

Li Ziqi, 29, became one of the most popular Chinese vloggers on video-sharing platform YouTube, with more than 8 million users subscribing to her channel by the end of last year.

It was in 2016 that she first decided to film videos to record her idyllic rural life and portray traditional Chinese aesthetics. In her videos, Li, wearing traditional dress, shows the charm of Chinese cuisine and folk craftsmanship by doing everything from scratch, and displaying each step clearly, one after another.

In the videos, she uses natural ingredients to cook various dishes, harvests grapes to dye cloth, embroiders flowers and creatures on cloth, and makes furniture with planks and bamboo. She has also spent two years making paper from tree barks, brushes out of rabbit hair and crafting other stationery from natural materials.

The picturesque countryside scenery displayed in the videos and Li's ability to live a self-sufficient and slow-paced lifestyle have impressed a large number of domestic and international viewers.