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China's daily output and capacity of masks exceeds 100 million

  • Author:linki
  • Release on:2020-03-03

In order to win the prevention and control of the epidemic, it is very important to guarantee the key medical materials.
China's national development and Reform Commission announced on March 2 that the daily production and output of masks, including ordinary masks, medical masks and medical N95 masks, have both exceeded 100 million.

According to the data, on February 29, China's daily output of masks reached 110 million and 116 million, respectively, 5.2 times and 12 times that of February 1, further easing the contradiction between supply and demand of masks. Among them, the daily production of medical N95 masks reached 1.96 million and 1.66 million respectively, which effectively solved the protection needs of front-line medical staff.

  Mask is a weapon for medical staff to fight against epidemic, a shield to protect people's health, and a guarantee for enterprises to return to work orderly. In less than a month, China's daily production of masks has increased 12 times, highlighting the "hard core" support of China's power.