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Robots and AI have become the trend of enterprise automation maintenance

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  • Release on:2019-09-02
Robots and AI have become the trend of enterprise automation maintenance

More and more companies are using robots for maintenance purposes. Many repetitive and monotonous maintenance tasks have been automated. These tasks can be handed over to the robot, allowing the technician to focus on the most important failure and root cause analysis. Robots can be used to undertake high-risk maintenance activities. As a result, maintenance personnel in industrial environments can reduce exposure to hazardous conditions or the environment.

At a macro level, many companies are using robots and AI to predict when a device will fail and adopt a predictive maintenance program.

Some forward-looking airlines have begun importing robots into maintenance. Lutfhansa Technik is using robots to check engine parts for cracks. This confusing and cumbersome process involved the manual use of dyes. It is widely recognized that robots can do these tasks better.

Lutfhansa's maintenance, repair and operation (MRO) process also uses other robots, including component repair, cockpit control testing and an automatic inlay system called CAIRE. Roll-Royce is experimenting with flexible snake-shaped robots that check engine lines and repair them. These robots can reach areas that humans cannot reach to accomplish tasks that humans cannot accomplish.

Reduce harm

Maintenance assistant

The XYX robot is a robot designed to assist human technicians in maintaining other robots. The concept is to identify when a technician needs assistance to make it easier to work.

Predictive maintenance AI
Another trend is to use AI to assist in planning maintenance activities.