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Russia Consul General Mr. Medvedev Mikhail visit our booth

  • Author:XYX
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  • Release on:2014-06-28

Consul General of the Russian Federation, Guangzhou Consul General and Vice Consul tube visit our booth

Invited by the Shenzhen Municipal Government and the Shenzhen Municipal Network Chamber of Commerce of the Russian Federation Consul General Consulate General in Guangzhou Mikhail·Medvedev Mr. Medvedev Mikhail Vice Consul Vladimir·Danilov Mr.Danilov Vladimir And consulate staff visited the exhibition together. Consul General and Vice Consul specially with our staff had a cordial exchange and posed for pictures on our Russian educational products expressed keen interest in the evaluation and height.

As "Russian-Chinese cultural exchanges" Mianbozhili:

2004 Successfully developed the first Russian-Chinese-English electronic dictionary;

2005 The first Russian pronunciation product successful push to market;

2006 Moscow State University through expert assessment;

2008 Successfully developed the first Russian-Chinese-English translation machines;

Has successfully developed six suitable learning Russian and Russian-Chinese-English translate products.