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The Benefits of an Electronic English Dictionary

  • Author:Shirley
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  • Release on:2014-06-30

The Benefits of an Electronic English Dictionary

Dictionaries are vital tools for innumerable situations in modern society. Extensive knowledge of English vocabulary is required in many career positions, educational classes, and simple day-to-day activities. However, it is ludicrously impractical to carry a heavy, bulky dictionary around in the case that one should need it. Furthermore, smaller, more compact dictionary books simply do not contain enough entries in order to be useful. An electronic English dictionary is the perfect solution for all of one’s English language needs.


Portable dictionaries are a must for many people. While web-based English dictionaries can be useful when one is at home or in the office, one does not always have access to a computer with internet access whenever he or she needs to locate the definition of a word. One oftentimes must look up a word while in transit, while visiting an unknown area, or while at school. Therefore, one cannot rely solely on web-based dictionaries to provide him or her with English language definitions.


However, English dictionary books are not a very practical solution to this issue. It is a well-known fact that English dictionaries must contain a wide variety of words and definitions in order to be useful in most situations. Most of the time, when one does not know the meaning of a word, it is usually because the word is obscure or uncommon in regular speech. English dictionary books that are published in a transportable carrying size are usually only large enough to define the most typical, everyday words, rendering them practically useless in most situations where one is in need of a dictionary. This is where the convenience of an electronic English dictionary comes in. Electronic English dictionaries are oftentimes even smaller than portable English dictionary books, with dimensions comparable to those of a larger modern cell phone. Lightweight and easy to carry, they can be conveniently stowed in a pocket, purse, briefcase, or backpack, allowing one to keep the electronic English dictionary with him or her at all times. This means that one will have his or her dictionary with them whenever they should need to look up a word. Additionally, an electronic English dictionary is able to contain thousands and thousands of entries. Modern technology has enabled these small and compact devices to contain an enormous amount of data. Therefore, electronic English dictionaries contain the extensive amount of information of a thick, heavy dictionary book, but are even more transportable than a traditional pocket dictionary.