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The EU focuses on cooperation rather than conflict

  • Author:Nancy
  • Source:China Daily
  • Release on:2019-10-16

      The EU focuses on cooperation rather than conflict

   Many European politicians have been skeptical about the “Belt and Road” initiative, but they urged the EU to change its mind after reading a report released on Tuesday, urging the EU to follow China’s “Belt and Road” initiative to better guide dozens of The development of 100 million euros. It provides assistance to Africa every year.

The report of a group led by former senior EU official and economist Thomas Wieser called for the establishment of the European Climate and Sustainable Development Bank to consolidate EU development finance activities.

The major Western news media described it as emulating China's “Belt and Road” initiative, rather than contending with the major initiatives related to the EU and China as in the past.

   For example, when European Commission President Jean-Claude Junker proposed a new alliance with Africa in September last year to deepen their economic ties, the BBC News headlined: "Junker (Juncker) ) announced the EU's African plan to fight against China."

It seems that the EU is using Africa as a geopolitical tool,On the battlefield, this is totally untrue. After I examined the EU strategy, I found that it included promoting African students to study at European universities, helping Africa improve the business environment and increasing financial aid, and providing $46 billion in grants in seven years from 2021.

I pointed my finger at Junker's plan. However, it is not so much a measure against China, but rather a supplement to the “Belt and Road” initiative.

Therefore, China and the EU can work together to help Africa develop.

Europe has the power to help Africa in its close history, cultural and geographic connections with the African continent. Based on its own economic development over the past four decades, China has seen tremendous potential for Africa's development.

The study on the attractiveness of Ernst and African Youth released last month fully reflects China’s optimism and commitment to Africa. According to the report, from 2014 to 2018, China’s foreign direct investment in Africa reached 72 billion US dollars, followed by France ($34.17 billion), the United States ($30.85 billion), the United Arab Emirates ($25.27 billion) and the United Kingdom (17.68 billion). USD).

During this period, China created a total of 137,028 jobs in Africa, compared with 57,970 in France and 62,004 in the United States.

Indeed, the more countries that can catch up with China in terms of foreign direct investment and job creation, the better it will be for Africa. If one or more countries can set a better example in helping Africa develop, then China should be happy to learn from it.

But for many journalists, describing everything as a conflict is hereditary. Reuters' headline news on September 27 wrote: "Competing with China, the EU, Japan signed an agreement to connect with Asia."

However, when I read the EU documents, this is only their cooperation in establishing interconnection in Asia. China has been cooperating with the “Belt and Road” initiative and the Asian National Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB). European countries are the main interests. relevant person.

Although Japan is not a member of the AIIB, Japan’s Asian Development Bank, its major shareholder, has many co-financing projects with AIIB.

A statement issued at the China-EU Summit in Brussels in April said that the two sides will continue to establish a synergy between the EU's "trans-European and Asian strategy" and the EU's cross-European transport network and China's "One Belt, One Road" initiative. The China-EU interconnection platform is the fourth meeting of this year and is the framework for resolving specific cooperation.

Mutual marketing of China and the EU may make headlines, but it often distort the true face and mislead readers, which runs counter to the reporter's mission.