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The age of 5G communication is coming

  • Author:Ya
  • Source:China Daily
  • Release on:2016-03-27
   Zhang Feng, chief engineer of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, told a press conference on Thursday that China has started research and development in fifth generation mobile networks, and it plans to build an open R&D platform for 5G technology this year, with the technology to be fully commercialized by 2020. The age of 5G communication is coming.

   At present, the Chinese operators and vendors with innovative strength, global industry has received high recognition in the field of 5G. The age of 5G communication is coming.. 5G is the fifth generation of mobile communications technology.

   Industry experts generally believe that, 5G is the main development direction of the next generation of mobile communications technology. When the user experience, network congestion will become the past, network speed is no longer the bottleneck, the data transmission speed 5G is expected to 100 times faster than 4G. Meanwhile, technology applications, 5G has lower latency, higher throughput and higher reliability

   For life 5G era, strategy and development president of Samsung China Electronics Wang Tong said that after 2020, 5G will open all interconnected society. • Arbor force on Derek president of Qualcomm recently in China Development Forum, said the next three to five years, 5G will become a revolutionary technology that will affect every aspect of our lives.
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