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The definition and classification of educational robot toy

  • Author:Linki
  • Source:Oringinal
  • Release on:2019-02-28

The definition and classification of educational robot toy

Educational robots are robotic finished products, suits or parts that are specially developed by manufacturers to stimulate students' interest in learning and to develop students' comprehensive abilities. In addition to the robot body itself, there are corresponding control software and teaching textbooks.

Because of adapting to the new curriculum, the educational robot has played a positive role in the cultivation and improvement of students' scientific literacy. It has been promoted in many primary and secondary schools, and is deeply loved by teenagers because of its "playing middle school" characteristics. Robots enter schools and computers. Like the popularization of campus, it has become an inevitable trend, and robot education has become a new curriculum in the field of primary and secondary education. The future of educational robots will become a trend. Today's society needs talents with innovative consciousness and creative thinking, especially in the future society.

Educational robots are divided into robots for universities and primary and secondary schools. University robots are divided into educational robots and game robots. Learning robots offer a variety of programming platforms and allow users to freely disassemble and combine, allowing users to design certain parts themselves; competitive robots typically provide standard equipment and programs with only minor modifications. It is suitable for fans of low level to use and participate in various competitions. Educational robots are also used for teaching.

Due to the different levels of knowledge, there are big differences between university and primary education robots. Undergraduate students can compile any code or instructions they want to implement according to the programming knowledge they have learned. Primary school students can only use the compiled commands to simulate the instructions because they are limited by the compiling ability. Therefore, it will become more and more important to strengthen the learning of pupils' compiled knowledge.