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The major areas of work for 2016

  • Author:Ya
  • Source:China Daily
  • Release on:2016-03-20
    Carry out a new round of high-quality opening up and work to achieve mutually beneficial cooperation. In the face of profound changes in international economic cooperation and competition, and in response to the urgent need to improve the performance of and upgrade China's economy, we must open wider to the outside world with unwavering resolve. By doing so, we can strengthen new drivers of development, add new forces to propel reform forward, and create new competitive strengths for China.

    We will develop innovative ways to promote foreign trade. Faced with continuously weak foreign demand, we need to take a combination of measures to stop the decline in imports and exports. First, we will move faster to improve and implement policies. We will improve the structure of export tax rebate rates, ensure rebates are paid promptly and in full, and crack down on fraudulent claims. We will increase short-term export-credit insurance and provide export financing insurance for all insurable complete sets of equipment. Second, we will encourage innovative business models. We will expand trials in cross-border e-commerce, support enterprises in developing overseas warehouses for export products, and promote the development of enterprises that provide comprehensive foreign trade services. Third, we will improve the trade mix. We will launch trials to create innovative ways of developing trade in services, see that more cities become trendsetters in providing foreign outsourced services, and accelerate the development of foreign trade in cultural goods and services. We will further integrate and improve special customs regulation zones, and encourage processing trade to move to the central and western regions and extend to the medium-high end of the industrial chain. Fourth, we will further facilitate trade. We will see that the single window system is implemented for international trade nationwide. We will reduce the frequency of inspections for exports. Fifth, we will adopt a more proactive import policy. We will increase the import of advanced technology and equipment, key spare parts and components, and energy and raw materials in short supply in China.
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