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The police at the Huanggang border checkpoint used a translation machine to help Ukrainian travelers

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  • Release on:2019-06-26
The police at the Huanggang border checkpoint used a translation machine to help Ukrainian travelers find lost packages.

Shenzhen News Network On June 25, 2019, the reporter learned from the Huanggang entry and exit border checkpoint that a Ukrainian passenger accidentally lost a parcel with important documents when he entered the Futian Port. The next day he went to the station to help the police. Use the translator to build a bridge of barrier-free communication and finally help him find the package.

At 16 o'clock on the afternoon of June 22, at the peak of the passenger flow at the Futian Port, a foreign passenger holding a Ukrainian passport rushed to the arrival hall to seek help from the police on duty. Cheng Lei, the team leader of the 21st team at Huanggang Border Inspection Station, judged by the documents and the pronunciation of the passengers. The passenger is from Ukraine and the common language is Russian. It is difficult to communicate in English or Chinese. He quickly took out the Shenzhen Frontier Inspection Station and assigned a translator on the front line, transferred to the Russian translation mode, and finally learned the passenger's request.

It turned out that this Ukrainian passenger accidentally left the next parcel when he entered the Futian Port the day before, and there were important documents. Coincidentally, on the same day, the police on duty arrived at the arrival hall and handed over an unclaimed parcel to the service supervision station, which was very similar to what the passenger said. After careful inquiry and verification, it was finally determined that the parcel was lost by the foreigner. Seeing that the items in the parcel were intact, the Ukrainian passengers excitedly and even thumbs up "Like" and said in Russian: "The Chinese immigration management police made me so touched!"

This is the strong technology police that Shenzhen Border Inspection is pursuing. It is understood that in recent years, a series of emerging technologies have been widely used in the frontline of Shenzhen border inspection agencies to serve and answer the needs of entry and exit passengers for customs clearance or difficult problems. The use of the "artifact" of the translation machine has greatly solved the communication obstacles of the border police.

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