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The rise of the tens of billions of robotics market

  • Author:Linki
  • Release on:2019-01-16

The rise of the tens of billions of robotics market

Robot education is an educational concept that has been very popular in recent years. It is closely related to the STEM education that is highly respected in Europe and America. By familiarizing yourself with learning STEM (science, technology, engineering, humanities) in various fields, you can not only exercise hands-on ability. And critical thinking.

According to the statistics of the Prospective Industry Research Institute, there are currently about 7,600 robot education institutions in the country, which has increased nearly 15 times in the past five years. Initial settlement at the end of 2016, the national robot education institutions exceeded 10,000, the market size is about 10-20 billion, the future space can reach 30 billion.

In addition, the development of the downstream market will drive the gradual warming of robot education. In the rapid development of competitions, teaching and other industries, in recent years, in addition to the introduction of robot education in some provincial and municipal school education systems, robot training institutions are also rising. Every year, many schools and institutions lead students to participate in robotics events for robot education. The development and popularization of the industry has brought abundant demand.

In fact, there is a big difference between toy-type educational robots and robot education. Let’s take a look at the robots.

1. Robot toys are used for play, and robot education aids are educational toys that can stimulate children's potential and develop children's brains.

Toys are mostly smart escort series, fun puzzle series, human-computer interaction series, programming education series, smart life series and so on. They can be built according to the construction steps.

2. Robot toys focus on creative design, while robot education focuses on curriculum system development

Toys represent happiness, unlimited imagination, and the future of creativity. Robot education refers to stimulating students' interest in learning and cultivating students' comprehensive ability by assembling, constructing and running robots. There is a well-organized curriculum system that opens the door for discovering and exploring the world for children aged 3-16, such as the nicknamed whole brain robot, through the combination of man and machine, robot-assisted teaching, model building, mechanical construction, creative matching, Innovative design, mechanical programming and other curriculum models to create a professional, scientific, and systematic curriculum covering the entire school age of 3-16 years old.

The invention, research and application practice of robots are demanded by scientific research and social production. Entering education is the expansion and development of its field, and it is of great significance and value to the innovation and development of education.​