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What if the meeting is always sleepy? Teach you a few tricks!

  • Author:Linki
  • Source:http://www.kekenet.com/read/20
  • Release on:2019-09-16
What if the meeting is always sleepy? Teach you a few tricks!

1. The right time

Morning is best for things like status updates and logical thinking, when sharpness and enthusiasm are at their height, while closer to the end of the day is a really good time for brainstorming. And of course, never do meetings in the period right after lunch.

Ensuring a meeting has a clearly stated end time is more important. We often fall asleep in meetings out of boredom, not tiredness.

2. The right place

Meeting in unconventional locations can help boost creativity. Standing meetings - where participants talk without sitting down - have also been praised by many efficiency experts for keeping things efficient.

3. Be prepared

One recent study found American workers felt just 33% of leaders were well-prepared for meetings. Ensuring a clear agenda is a common piece of advice from productivity gurus.

An agenda was essential, because if you don't know why we're in the meeting, then there's no reason for a meeting.

4. To snack or not to snack?

The right kind of snacks can help improve meeting culture. Snacks can keep people alert, for one thing, but are also a "symbol of caring". Of course, avoiding loud or smelly snacks is important.

5. Engage

Putting it simply - you can't fall asleep if you're participating. Speak up during the first three minutes, it allows you to feel like a contributor not a listener. Taking notes can also be helpful in keeping your brain alert.

For leaders, make sure to adhere to the agenda and only the agenda, tacking on other business is when the bores kick off.

If you succumb to sleep, it may be best to leave. Make a swift excuse that doesn't sound attacking, and get up quietly, apologize and leave.