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What is the storyteller toys?

  • Author:Tong Xiaogang
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  • Release on:2014-06-27
What is the storyteller toys? 
The storyteller toys is a new digital machine for preschool education product. 
To accommodate preschool education, improve early childhood education EQ story machine - this New Early Learning digital products will be born. It is a new early education toys. Its main function is to play Songs,Story,Poetry,English Enlightenment,Common sense,Habit training, It appears the total liberation of the high-pressure working parents; and because it can exercise children's emotional intelligence capabilities, improve the ability of children's language and communication, improve their English comprehension so after enlightenment from the output, the majority of families are welcome . 

Features Storyteller toys: 
Because the user is children, so the safety is most important for parents. 
Storyteller toys must have the following characteristics: 
1- safe non-toxic story machine, because the story machine using objects young children, they often hold grazing if the story has a surface spray paint machine, there will be poisoned after eating the children, thereby jeopardizing the safety of the children. 
2- solid ruggedness of the storyteller toys, children have a certain ability, if the machine does not have a solid story shatterproof performance will drop after the accident damaged, then it can not continue to use, so you lose the meaning of existence . 
3- the storyteller toys without damage: the machine using the object because the story is young, so the story must be no water chestnut machine design, so as not to scratch and scratch in young children holding playing time, in order to protect children's safety. 

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