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When is Ramadan? 2019 Muslim Ramadan time

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  • Release on:2019-03-27

When is Ramadan? 2019 Muslim Ramadan time

Ramadan is considered a great, festive, auspicious and very honorable month. So when do you know Ramadan? When is the specific time of the Muslim holy month of 2019, the next step is to answer for everyone.

   Gregorian calendar:6th, May, 2019
   Yili: 1th,September , 1440

Islamic Ramadan time

The Islamic calendar is Ramadan in September. Ramadan is a great, festive, auspicious and honorable month for Islamists, because in Islam, Allah has reduced the Qur'an to Muslims this month.

The beginning and the end of Ramadan are subject to the appearance of the new moon. On the evening of August 29th in the month of January, the Islamic leader is watching the sky on the mosque's ceremonial floor. If you see a slender new moon, the next day is September. On the 1st, the month of Ramadan is entered. In August, it is still 29 days; otherwise, the 3rd day is the Ramadan on September 1st, and the August is 30 days.

You must still watch the moon when you are out of Ramadan. On the evening of September 29, if you see the new moon, the next day will be Eid al-Fitr on October 1st, so that September will become 29 days; otherwise, Ramadan will be extended for another day, and September will still be For 30 days.

Due to the different time of the Crescent Moon, the time for different Islamic countries to enter Ramadan is not exactly the same. At the same time, because the Islamic calendar is about 355 days a year, and the Gregorian calendar is about 10 days apart, there is no fixed time in the Gregorian calendar.

Islamic law stipulates that every Muslim, except for patients, pregnant women, nursing women, young children, and those who set foot on the road before sunrise, should be fasted all month. From the dawn to the sunset, to quit eating, to quit the house, to quit the ugly line and proverbs, and to believe that its significance is not only to fulfill religious obligations, but also to cultivate personality, restrain selfish desires, experience the suffering of the poor, and succumb to the poor. Do good deeds.