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Where is the value and using value of the pen?

  • Author:Linki
  • Release on:2018-12-28

Where is the value and using value of the reading pen?

——The combination of reading and early education makes funny early childhood education tools!

The same kind of products as the reading pen have been popular in Europe and America for nearly 20 years. The number of individual users of similar products has reached more than 30 million in USA, which is a regular child reading early education product. Nowadays, China has begun to pay attention to early education. Every year, millions of young parents have bought reading pens for their children. They think that it is more important to buy a reading pen for children than to buy a toy car.

Where is the value of the reading pen? It is a comprehensive manifestation of reasonable product design, specific expressions of product use value, core resources (ie, value representation) that support product use value, and reasonable marketing and popularization.

The so-called children's baby computer is mainly for children's games. The games downloaded through the Internet let children indulge in the virtual world. Online games have had serious adverse effects on children. Many online game developers have declared that children are not allowed or restricted game time. In other words,the work of early education institutions still needs to develop children's potential through a large amount of reading and reading. Early education institutions also agree that reading and early education are inseparable.

Therefore, for the perspective of cost performance, the reading pen is a very popular child early education product.The use value of the pen is expressed in the early systematic reading provided by the audio books for children, the transmission of early education, the cultivation of interest in learning, and the cultivation of good habits. The pen is only a hardware carrier.