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Why did Amazon withdraw from the Chinese market?

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  • Release on:2019-04-29
Why did Amazon withdraw from the Chinese market?

How far can Amazon go when competition between e-commerce sweeps across the world? In the Chinese market, can Amazon come back?
Amazon has become the world's "largest integrated online retailer" due to its unique online sales model and low price. In 2015, it had a market value of more than $260 billion, and defeated Wal-Mart to take the throne of the global retail industry. Why did the giants once fallen, and what inspired us here? And listen to the author slowly.

First. Collision between Chinese and Western cultures and values
1, the brand concept vs "cost-effective" concept
Amazon China's main push is the "brand" product, the so-called "brand goods." The space for small brands and small businesses to live is narrow.
2, take the "shortcut" vs according to "rules"
Foreign sellers have always mentioned a lot of Chinese sellers, and even foreign sellers have joined forces to boycott Chinese sellers.
3, "price" vs "value"
Amazon has never bothered to "price wars," said Wang Hanhua, president of Amazon China, saying that the price war is nothing but a "flicker."

Second. Major mistakes in marketing strategy
Amazon has made a series of mistakes in its marketing strategy, causing Amazon to regret withdrawing from the Chinese market.
1. Despise market research
2, lack of competitive advantage

Third. Lack of innovation in the operating model
The biggest problem with Amazon is that it doesn't pay attention to the user experience in time.
1. Lack of user experience
2. Ignore the power of "small sale"

Nowadays, the “brand strategy” has risen to the highest level and has become the core and focus of the world economic competition. As a carrier of development, “Brand” has become a “strategic hand” for participating in international market competition, from the establishment of “China Brand Day”, the proposal of “One Belt and One Road” initiative, the promotion of “National Brand Plan”, and the construction of “Human The call for the community of destiny, the global powers are gradually being introduced into the "development" track.
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