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​Wow! Shah Rukh Khan teaching how to ride a hoverboard is just so cool

  • Author:Alice
  • Source:businessinsider
  • Release on:2017-02-06

Riding a hoverboard needs swag. And who else can have maximum swag than the King Khan of Bollywood. Shah Rukh Khan was recently found to be teaching a radio jockey how to ride a hover board. As you know, this futuristic mobility device isn’t that easy to handle. With the wheels pumped with technology, hoverboards are very difficult to balance, if you are a newbie to this genre.


But to Shah Rukh Khan, nothing is tough. In a video shared on YouTube (shown below), Shah Rukh Khan is seen demonstrating how to ride a hoverboard. Shah Rukh himself rides it like the king. Taking no time to balance himself, Shah Rukh is seen roaming around on hoverboard with ease. Just like how a king does.

So is hoverboard the future of mobility?

While this may take time to be commercial, there is no doubt that hoverboards may be one of the most efficient mobility devices in near future. Swagtron, a world class hoverboard manufacturer is now selling its devices in India. Combining the fun of a skateboard with ease of an electric scooter, they have Swagway, a hands free smart board that lets you travel at a speed up to 16 km/hr.

This zero emission board comes in a hard ABS outer covering with aluminium wheels, fitted with lithium ion battery, rubber tyres. The weight limit of the rider is 99 kg. While there are numerous researches being done on the safety of hoverboard, this particular Swagway is UL 2271 and UL2272 certified the first of its kind. Each device is checked for all kinds of tests, including weather proof.

Besides you can enjoy the ride with some hiphop music as these hoverboards are fitted with Bluetooth speakers as well. You can buy these devices at a price of Rs 26990 (X1) and Rs 39990 (T3) with warranty and support from Swagtron India.

Now watch the video of Shah Rukh Khan teaching how to ride a hoverboard and yes, you can try this at home: