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Years added to pictures in search for missing kids

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  • Release on:2019-06-04
Years added to pictures in search for missing kids

Police in China will promote facial recognition technology nationwide to help reunite abducted children with their families, a senior official at the Ministry of Public Security said last week.

The imaging technology, based on artificial intelligence developed by Tencent Youtu, can work out an adult picture of a missing person based on a photo taken when the person was a child, Chen Shiqu, deputy director of the ministry's criminal investigation bureau told China Daily in an interview.

"Even though a child may have been abducted many years ago and has grown up-and his appearance has greatly changed-faces can be matched through cross-age facial recognition," he said.

"The accuracy of the recognition can be as high as 96 percent," the official added.

In a pilot program to test the technology, the Fujian police launched an online platform in 2017 to find missing people.

In the first half of that year, the system helped identify more than 500 individuals.

Last month, in Sichuan province, police used AI facial recognition technology to reunite 13-year-old Gui Hao with his family.

"Ten years had passed, but the AI technology was able to use a photo taken when Gui was 3 years old to simulate his current face based on various biological characteristics," Chen said.

According to Meng Qingtian, a senior official in the ministry's anti-trafficking office, the rapid decline can be attributed to the setting up of a quick-response mechanism.

An alarm system called Tuanyuan, which means reunion in English, was launched in May 2016.

Meng said the system, which was developed by e-commerce giant Alibaba, is able to rapidly push out information about missing children to enlist the public's help in finding them.

The Tuanyuan system is connected with 25 new media platforms and mobile apps, including the Didi taxi service, Amap, Baidu, Taobao, and TencentQQ, allowing people to receive timely alerts about missing children around them.

By May 15, the Tuanyuan system had shared information of 3,978 missing children, including 57 abducted ones. Of the total, 3,901, or 98 percent, were found quickly and returned.