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Youtube is Making fun of Google Translate (part 5)

  • Author:By Anthony Cerullo
  • Source:CLAYAWAY
  • Release on:2016-06-29

Welcome to part 5 of YouTube’s quest to make fun of Google translate. In this round, we have the lackluster translating technology take on everyone’s favorite theme song from Pokemon. Of course, the results are hilarious.


No matter how cool Millenials think they were as kids, it’s likely they were swept by the Pokemon craze just like everyone else. Between the cards, video game, and T.V. show, it was hard to escape the phenomenon. As a result, the theme song from Pokemon is practically ingrained in the head of every Millenial who didn’t live under a rock. Some clever YouTube user picked up on this and came more forth with a brilliant idea: a song parody. Now, this isn’t the Weird AI type of song parody, although it is plenty weird. Instead, these creative minds took to YouTube to deliver a Google translated version of the Pokemon theme song.


While we can all sit back and laugh harmoniously at how epic Google’s translator is failing, perhaps it’s time to be more considerate. At first glance, it’s nothing more than Google butchering a favorite childhood song but upon repeated views, it’s clear that the joke is on Google. Thousands are laughing as the translator fails at the one thing it’s supposed to do best. It’s like watching a mime talk or a juggler drop their balls. Sure, it’s quite humorous at first but ultimately, YouTube is shedding light on the inadequacies of a once promising technology. Hopefully, it will find the means to turn itself around.


Perhaps the folks at Alphabet have seen the various YouTube mockeries because it looks like they are doing something about their machine learning technology. The company has recently announced plans to unveil a new machine learning research center in Europe. The main areas of focus here will be machine intelligence, natural language processing (translation) and machine perception. Besides translate, numerous products are based on machine intelligence and with further research they will be vastly improved. For now, we can all laugh at the failure of technology. It’s only a matter of time before they become…aware.

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