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Android-based electronic dictionary era has opened

  • Author:Tong Xiaogang
  • Source:Original
  • Release on:2014-06-28

Android-based electronic dictionary era has opened

Traditional language learning products is mainly based on the embedded system development platform, which is characterized by low cost, long development cycle of new products, high maintenance costs. Before 2013 , these products occupy absolute market share. As the tablet market continues to heat up, emerging Android derivative products, led to the current Android hardware costs reduced year by year, there was close to the cost of traditional embedded system platform developed products. According to this trend judgment, electronic dictionary products based on Android system will gradually replace the traditional embedded system platform products, systems based on electronic dictionaries Andrews era has arrived.

Different language needs of different products will result in functional requirements. But for professional language users (language StudentTranslator, Other disciplines scholars), the professional language products is irreplaceable.

Electronic Dictionary is designed for professional language needs of users, its main features are: high integration of information, covering a wide range of easy to use. Users use one product, you can easily study the listening, talkingreadingwritinginterpret and grammar and so on.

Android introduced the system, will greatly enhance the user experience of the effect of the product, so that the true value of the product to advance to a new level.

Our company as a professional Education Electronics Manufacturers. This year will launch a variety of products based on Android system. Include Russian, Arabic, English, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Chinese And other languages.

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