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Realize the true value of an electronic dictionary

  • Author:sky
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  • Release on:2014-07-17
    Shenzhen XYX Industry Co., Limited. is engaged in the education of professional electronic product development company, is currently on the market most of the electronic dictionary function were investigated. Most electronic dictionary products to the paper dictionary is loaded into the electronic products, in terms of design features did not play to the advantages of electronic products. What is the reason? The main reason is that if a paper dictionary will be well structured treatment requires a lot of time, non-professional company for the sake of making a profit selling the product as soon as possible and give a big investment these foundational work, not as leading electronic dictionary paper dictionaries convenient. Books, electronic dictionaries screen is relatively much smaller, if dictionary or to take a pile of way, that the user wants to understand what will be explained later in page turning dozens or even hundreds of pages. Dictionary achieve electronic products, the most important feature should be the search field, classification, labeling and queries. So as to allow consumers to feel really, really good electronic dictionary.
    Do professional products will pay a lot, the first analysis of the original dictionary automatically distinguish the different fields, and establish the corresponding index, it is equivalent to a dictionary with decomposed into multiple different features of the text, by Consider the user's query accustomed to design UI and retrieval methods. Currently our company is based on a frameworkBilingual dictionaryXML describes the design rule dictionary, tissue paper through this rule dictionary data. To realize the true value of the electronic dictionary.
    I hope in terms of electronic bilingual dictionary friends can put forward valuable suggestions, please send to our mailbox: xyxszcn@163.com, thank you!