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Electronic talking pen with learning story booksElectronic talking pen with learning story booksElectronic talking pen with learning story booksElectronic talking pen with learning story booksElectronic talking pen with learning story books

Electronic talking pen with learning story books

  • Type:
  • Other Educational Toys
  • Place of Origin:
  • Guangdong, China (Mainland), Guangdong, China (Mainland)
  • Brand Name:
  • Model Number:
  • DC-003, DC-009
  • Name:
  • 2016 Hot Selling Book Reader Pen For Kids And Language Learning
  • Color:
  • White
  • Function:
  • Interactive Language Teaching
  • Power:
  • Battery
  • Plastic Type:
  • ABS
  • OEM:
  • Warmly Welcomed
  • Packing:
  • Giftbox

Electronic talking pen with learning story books 


*We DO NOT have just one model

Electronic talking pen with learning story books

1.What is point reading pen?

Point reading pen is a new generation of intelligent reading and learning tool which is developed by using the latest optical image recognition technology and advanced digital voice technology. It reflects the perfect integration of electronic products and education industry, to achieve the concept of people-oriented science and technology. Point reading pen can be realized at the same time reading, repeat and record, entertainment and other functions. Fully mobilize the children eyes, ears, hands, brain and other sensory system, easy to cultivate children cognitive, literacy, talking, thinking ability, it read out where the way with heard way to learn to read, to improve children's interest in learning, stimulate the development of the brain, not only let the children learn a comprehensive discipline knowledge, to lay a good foundation for school children, and help children character training, the cultivation of the quality, improve children's intelligence and quality.

2.principle of point reading pen

 Electronic talking pen with learning story books

Infrared sensor +MCU+OID algorithm + special coating book;

The book sensor identification with encoding, converted into digital signals to CPU, CPU receives the signal from the memory access instructions corresponding to the audio file playback via audio equipment.




Electronic talking pen with learning story booksElectronic talking pen with learning story books

OID is the abbreviation of Identify Object, that is, object identification

Point reading pen OID, refers to the written (micro camera) and CPU chip, can be used to identify the book (print) the invisible code, by identifying out of the invisible code, realize the function of reading. Reading pen OID, refers to the written (micro camera) and CPU chip the composition, can be used to identify the book (print) the invisible code, by identifying out of the invisible code, realize the function of reading technology. While the OID encoding is optical encoding, which currently has more than 60 thousand different code values, different code value corresponding to different reading content.OID set up between the printed matter the new digital system and convenient interface bridge. Each OID encoding graphics are composed of many subtle and difficult points in accordance with the specific rules of the human form, and corresponds to a specific set of values. Identification of different characteristics of the largest code with other optical is miniaturization the lowest interest rate not only has the secrecy and low visual interference characteristics,contrast color pattern can hide in print..

Electronic talking pen with learning story books


OID is the abbreviation of Identification Optical, is a kind of optical identification code. Read the printed product read by our products in general with the general graphic production software graphic made three color (C, M, Y) of electronic documents, the black version of the blank, stay out of print encoding. In addition to the black version of the two-dimensional code, can not have any other information, it is not a black version of the graphic information generated by the ordinary four color. All black text, made of yellow, product, green three color field overlay, in order to ensure the accuracy of the set of accurate, font to use strokes of the larger font. Graphic production is completed, the specific location of the page text in the page (coordinates) and voice write script. Then, according to the content and the specific location of the two-dimensional code, two-dimensional code from each of the small square black spots. The production company to retrieve the two-dimensional code again to file the original synthesis, will turn to the top of the black version (not by other color press). At the same time the MP3 recording made into audio files.






There is the sound of reading books to subvert the entire education industry, according to experts, the next three to five years all preschool education books, primary school English textbooks, adult foreign language books are to read audiobooks direction, reading pens will become the necessary tools for language learning, to read pen and audio books market has huge market opportunities in the next ten years. Foreign language teaching and Research Press published the domestic market ranked third (FLTRP) has put all materials into audio books, this project started to increase several billion turnover for FLTRP and other, Hunan Education Press and Jiangsu education agency has also begun learning foreign language textbooks to read the book with sound field. If you haven't read a book from an ordinary book, start acting now.


5.Application program

1) children's education: Children's books, children's pad, children chart, story machine, audio diary, audio album

2) students learning classes: textbooks, dictionaries, word cards, and record books in the classroom.

3) Adult categories: Multi Country learning materials, travel manuals, sound records

4) special applications: identification system, security, sound map, blind learning, video teaching, interactive learning, sound control instrument


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